Solo Voice

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LIT for voice and electronics
Commissioned by Michelle O’Rourke with funds from Arts Council Ireland.
Premiered by Michelle O’Rourke at IAWM Annual Concert, Dublin, October 2018.

Aimai for solo voice and live electronics
Premiered by Michelle O’Rourke, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dec 2013; Curtis Auditorium Cork, April 2014; Birmingham Conservatory of Music, Jan 2015; Listen At Arthurs, Dublin, March 2017. Performed by Jenna Marglasso at soundSCAPE Festival 2017, Maccagno, Italy.

Walk Carefully/Ghosts Enter the City for voice and live electronics
Collaboration with Michelle O’Rourke, in progress. Premiered and publicly workshopped at Contemporary Music Centre, Culture Night, Sep 2013.

At Miidera for piano and electronics
Written for and premiered by Máire Carroll, Kirkoskammer, Powerscourt Theatre, Jan 2017. Commissioned by Kirkos Ensemble with funds from Arts Council Ireland.

Hógolyó for solo violin
Written for Oleg Ponomarev. Premiere 27 July, Lutheran Hall, Dublin.

Switches work for looping electric violin and live electronics
Premiere by Ian Peason 14 Feb 2015; also Snorstorp, Sweden, 7 July 2015. Released on Violin Variations EP, May 2016.

Teaism: Roji for solo horn
Written for and performed by Cormac Ó’hAodáin, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin, October 2014, and Cork School of Music, October 2014.

Three Winter Haiku for organ
Performed by David Bremner, Trinity College Dublin, Jan 2014, and Christ Church Cathedral Dublin, Nov 2013 and Nov 2012.

Slew for harpsichord
Premiere by David Adams, Kevin Barry Room, March 2012.

Piano Tremors for piano (four hands)/piano + electronics
Premiere by Crash Ensemble (Isabelle O’Connell and Izumi Kimura) at Free State 6, April 2011. Version for solo piano and pre-recorded piano performed by Isabelle O’Connell at Composing the Island Festival Sept 2017

Solo instrumental



Rndr improvised electronic project
Four-track Rndr EP digital release 2013. Premiere live performance Jun 2013 (self), also installation at New Music Dublin Festival 2014; also Listen at Wellington, 19 Jun 2015; listen|compose|perform presented by Association of Irish Composers Jun 2016; Le Maison de Perrier, Seoul, March 2016; Kontakt I, Grand Social Dublin, June 2018; Kontakt II, Kaizen, Dublin, November 2018.
Bandcamp / Spotify

Autowork fixed-media audiovisual
Screened at Fractal Synthesis III: Motion, Irish Film Institute Jan 2014; also Kevin Barry Room, NCH, Jul 2011.

Nautilus fixed media audiovisual
Screened at Fractal Synthesis II: Distorting Narrative, Irish Film Institute, Oct 2013; also Kevin Barry Room, Aug 2012; Little Museum of Dublin, Dec 2017.

Slew (version 2) for harpsichord and electronics
Release on Heresy Records’ On the Nature of Electricity and Acoustics compilation CD, 2013; premiere by David Adams, Kevin Barry Room, March 2012.
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Open / Improvisation / Graphic / Other


words text score for open instrumentation
Performed by Kirkos Ensemble, Fluxfest, Dublin, Oct 2016 and New Music Dublin Festival Club, March 2017

Hagoromo – kiri graphic score for open instrumentation
Graphic score based on the final dance of the Noh play Hagoromo

24hr Opera for ensemble and three singers
A short collaborative opera written, produced and performed in 24 hours, produced by Opera Theatre Company. Written by/with: David Coonan (composer), Robbie Blake (composer), Teodoe Iuliu Radu (composer), Zoe Ní Riordáin (director), Fionnuala Gygax (librettist); performed by Sarah Shine (soprano), Bríd Ní Ghruagáin (mezzo-soprano).

S:NP-VP-NP for harpsichord and electronics (with performer)
Commissioned by Dublin Sound Lab for Music Currents Festival 2017. Performed by Michael Quinn and Fergal Dowling, Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, April 2017.

Water Iris for voice and piano
Commissioned by Michelle O’Rourke/Michael McHale for performance at New Music Dublin 2017.

The Echo of Our Voices for voice ensemble
Premiere by Tonnta Music, Chocolate Factory, March 2016.

Teaism: the kettle sings well...I for gamelan
Premiere by Gamelan Nua, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin, Jan 2014 and The Studio, National Concert Hall Dublin, July 2017.

Teaism: the kettle sings well...II for ensemble
Premiere by orkest de ereprijs during the Young Composers’ Meeting, Feb 2014.

Claustrum for saxophone quartet
Premiered by Cue Saxophone Quartet, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, February 2015. Listen

Cycle for viola, horn and crotales
Performed by Kirkos Ensemble, National Concert Hall, Oct 2013.

Polaris for jazz ensemble (voice, trumpet, drumkit, double-bass, alto sax)
Written for and performed by Rhombus Ensemble 2011.

Nebule for brass quintet
Written for and performed by vox merus 2012.

The Echoes for voice, horn, piano, cello, violin, live electronics, tape
Premiered at Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College Dublin, May 2011. Setting of Gerard Manley Hopkins The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo