Sebastian Adams performs Hagoromo in Tallinn

Composer and string player Sebastian Adams will give the first performance of the Hagoromo – kiri graphic score today (8 May) in Tallinn at a reception at the Embassy of Ireland. Sebastian is in Estonia representing Ireland at the International Society for Contemporary Music’s annual General Assembly and festival.

Hagoromo – kiri is a graphic score based on the movements of a section of the famous final dance of the noh play Hagoromo. The piece can be viewed as one whole image, or as a series of 'kata' or individual motions.


'Still Reflection on a Theme by Clara Schumann' at Finding a Voice

The South Tipperary Arts Centre will mark International Women’s Day with the Finding a Voice concert series – a celebration of women composers. The series will also mark the 200th anniversary of Clara Schumann, and will feature a series of specially commissioned works, ‘reflections’ on a theme by Schumann from the Scherzo of her Piano Trio in G Minor Op. 17, by Jane O’Leary, Rhona Clarke, Siobhan Cleary, Marian Ingoldsby, Amanda Feery and Anna Murray.

Still Reflection focusses in on a few tiny gestures of the Clara Schumann theme, expanding and re-combining them to create a slow, open 'still life’ of the original. 

Performed by Mary Dullea, 9 March at Old St Mary’s Church.

Tickets at

'my little Force explodes' at New Music Dublin

Following on from the success of the Secret Music Trail, presented at 2018’s New Music Dublin Defrosted, Ergodos presents Morning Rituals, a programme of short performances curated for New Music Dublin 2019. Taking place in characterful spaces in and around the NCH on the morning of Sunday 3 March, these performances are about stepping back, focussing in and transcending.

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Morning Rituals brings together performances and new work by seven individual and clear-voiced artists from around the world: cellist Kate Ellis, Australian-Dutch composer Kate Moore, Egyptian musician Nadah El Shazly, Australian flautist Lina Andonovska, vocalist Michelle O’Rourke, composer Anna Murray, and
musician-filmmaker Laura Sheeran.

my little Force explodes is a ritual of letter-opening, conversation, breath, communication and message, based on the ‘envelope writings’ of Emily Dickinson. Written for Michelle O’Rourke and Lina Andonovska.

Kate Ellis solo cello
Music by John Lely and a traditional Irish air, alongside a new work by Kate Moore commissioned by New Music Dublin & Ergodos.

Nadah El Shazly solo set
Music for voice and electronics by Nadah El Shazly, including new material commissioned for this programme by New Music Dublin & Ergodos.

Michelle O’Rourke & Lina Andonovska voice & flute
Music by Meredith Monk, John Cage and Lachlan Skipworth, and a new work by Anna Murray

Laura Sheeran solo set
Music for voice and electronics by Laura Sheeran, including new material incorporating visuals commissioned by New Music Dublin & Ergodos.

MEXT Scholarship 2019

I am honoured to have been selected as a recipient of the Japanese government MEXT Scholarship 2019.

I will be travelling to Tokyo in April for six months preparatory study, followed by 18 months at Tokyo University of the Arts, where I will be studying noh theatre, and creating new music theatre works.

With thanks to the Embassy of Japan in Ireland, and Arts Council for their support with the Music Bursary award in 2016 for my work on noh theatre, and for their support of my travel to attend the Noh Training Project UK in 2014.


Kirkos Ensemble perform '<cross>words'

Kirkos Ensemble are at it again – the 'chaotic, unpredictable, anarchic and sometimes silly' Speaking of Music on Saturday, 5 January. Featuring the third outing of my and Jamie McHugh's text-score postcard piece '<cross>words'.