Kirkos Ensemble – Speaking of Music
5:15 PM17:15

Kirkos Ensemble – Speaking of Music

Featuring words.

Kirkos will open 2019 by taking control of the RIAM’s premises on Westland Row to unleash Speaking of Music, a multimedia Happening overlapping an array of works by Irish and international artists at the bleeding edge of experimental music.

Co-curated by Andy Ingamells, the evening centres loosely on the theme of innovative use of text and speech. Presented in three parts across the evening, the audience can roam freely through a performance, installations, and finally a Happening with members of the Kirkos Ensemble. 

Showcasing the truly chaotic, unpredictable, anarchic and sometimes silly character of experimental music, expect an evening of multisensory encounters full of surprise, laughter, lemon juice, a Mexican standoff, the destruction of a piano, the disembodiment of Beethoven, a dating app, and much much more. 

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